Three Deities Obstacle-Clearing Puja – Heart Sutra, White Umbrella Goddess and Lion-Faced Dakini 三佛除障法会(心经、大白伞盖佛母、狮面空行母)

October 19, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Please bring worn shirt, coins and half-eaten biscuit for puja efficacy.


The ‘three deities’ whose practices are being employed for this puja are that of Lord Buddha, White Umbrella Goddess, and the Lion-face Dakini. By combining these three powerful practices together, this ritual aims to pacify and overcome all forms of obstacles and subdue all negativity and inauspiciousness, especially supernatural harassment. 

1    The Heart Sutra is the core of the Prajnaparamita, which encompasses the essence of all Lord Buddha’s teachings. Due to the ignorance which leads them into committing acts of greed, sentient being are trapped within the cyclic existence of samsara. We would be required to contemplate on Emptiness if we wish to be liberated from such existence and subdue our afflictive emotions. It is mentioned in the scriptures that the most expedient way of purifying negative karma and obstacles would be to contemplate and recite texts related to the topic of Emptiness.

2    The White Umbrella Goddess is an intrepid and fearless deity. Through the practice of this Goddess, one can prevent the influence of any evil magic or spirits, as well as the attack or harassment of the formless, and help increase fortune, wisdom and longevity.

3    The Lion-Face Dakini is a wrathful deity, who manifests fierce looks with the aim of subduing the four demons in our minds. Chanting the mantra of Lion-faced Dakini can help prevent the attack of evil spirits or inauspiciousness to befall upon us, as well as prevent obstacles caused by our foes. This practice can also prevent the influence of any charms or black magic, avert natural calamities, or even the attack of terrorism and spread of plague.