H.E. Kyabje Ling Rinpoche First Ever Dharma Event in Singapore

Grand Naga-Appeasing Peace & Healing Puja

Specially for pleasing nagas & pacifying naga attacks. For ideal efficacy of the puja, kindly be vegetarian to participate in this puja.

31/07/15 (Fri) 10:00am to 12:30pm


The great master Chandrakirti says that Naga beings are born out of karma that practises unethical generosity. Nagas in a way, behave just like human beings. There are good and bad people, just as there are good and bad Nagas. When you treat them kindly, they will reciprocate with kindness. However when offended, Nagas naturally become very bitter and angry and are likely to cause us much unhappiness and obstacles in our daily lives. We may experience a lot of unhappiness in the family or interpersonal relationships, nothing seems to be going smoothly, or might also suffer from skin-related diseases which doctor/medicine is unable to help.


These problems stem from the wrath of the Nagas we have offended, and the only way to appease them would be to participate in such Peace pujas. Participating in such Naga pujas will make offerings and hence please the formless Nagas in our surroundings. When they rejoice, these Nagas may even lend us their assistance and help us in our daily activities.


Healing Lama H.E. Kangyur Rinpoche first explained in 2007, that most sources of cancer come about due to Naga harassments and obstacles. Hence, Rinpoche has advised that it is best to participate in Naga pujas regularly to prevent such predicaments from befalling us. 


Rinpoche also specially pointed out that, should cancer patients experience re-growth of new tumors each time they have removed one, then this is a likely sign that this cancer disease has been caused by Naga attack. The only expedient way to pacify the Naga is through performance of Naga Pujas. There have been a few accounts where Dro-Phen Ling had conducted Naga Pujas and tumors of the cancer patients had miraculously disappeared; these are certainly living proofs which manifests the truth in Rinpoche’s words and advice.


According to Buddhist Tantric practice, there are many ways of performing rituals, namely: peaceful, increasing, forceful and wrathful. The Naga Puja employs the peaceful method where the Lama offers tormas to the nagas. Tormas are conical-shaped ritual cakes which are blessed in three ways: (1) by mantras, thereby purifying them from any defilements of ordinariness; (2) by meditational stabilization, whereby infinite tormas are generated; and finally (3) by gestures or mudras, which ensures that the recipient is satisfied with the ritual cakes. Through this ritual, one can prevent or be relieved from the negative energies sent forth by nagas.

Note: Participants must attend the puja personally for it to be effective. There are specific items required for participation of this puja, please kindly invite it at a suggested offering of $5 per set at the puja event.



Nagas are believed to reside in places like small ponds or tree groves. They sometimes appear in the form of snakes, or as half-snakes half-humans with elaborate jeweled crowns. Unauthorized use of land (that the naga occupies) is believed to be stealing their personal possessions. They highly cherish their clean environment; when it is exploited or disturbed, the naga will strike back at the offenders by inflicting disease, sudden catastrophe or even death. However, as they may not be able to identify the actual offenders, hence, they may simply strike at any human being they see, and these innocent people may fall ill for no apparent reason. 


This puja is very helpful for those who suffer from skin conditions, and even those who suffer from disability, stroke or fits. Because we may have gotten these diseases from naga attacks, and yet we’re unaware. Nagas live near stones, in water, underground, it could be anywhere. We would never know when we offend them.



7月31日 (星期五)上午10点至中午12点半



大修行者认为蛇精是因为做了不道德的供养而投生的。从某个角度来看,蛇精其实和人一样。我们身边会有好人,有坏人;蛇精也是一样,有好也有坏的蛇精。若然慈爱对待,蛇精便会知恩图报。相反的,若然得罪了它们,蛇精便会自然的感到愤怒并会加以报复,在日常生活当中带给我们许多障碍与困扰。报复的方法很多;家庭的和谐、人际关系、甚至工作都可能会出现问题,反正就是事事皆不顺。通常犯到蛇精的人也会患有和皮肤有关的病症,而此类皮肤病是药物和医生都无法医治的, 因为问题的根本出自于蛇精的嗔心。









注:  欲获得法会的圆满加持力,必须亲临现场亲自进行法会。此法会有需要的特殊材料,请在大法会现场请购(每份材料之供养金是5元)。








White Umbrella Goddess Demon-Subduing Obstacle-Clearing Puja

Specially to overcome all major obstacles, prolonged period of bad luck and all negativity, esp. related to supernatural harassment

31/07/15 (Fri) 3:00pm to 5.00pm


The Calamity-Averting grand puja is a ritual based on the practice of the White Umbrella Goddess. This is one of the most powerful and sacred puja amongst various Buddhist rituals.  One procedure of this ritual is to consecrate and offer tormas (ritual cakes) to counterattack negative forces such as illnesses, mental disturbances, disputes, enmities, defilements, misfortune, premature death, factors against congenial surroundings and 84,000 bad forces. Hence, this puja is named DUKAR TORTHOG in Tibetan, literally meaning – counterattacking negativities through torma offerings.


By this ritual, we drive away all harms and evils by the blessings of the White Umbrella Goddess and her surrounding deities in the form of tormas (one big torma in the middle representing the Goddess, and surrounded by 33 white flags representing the deities). More than 30 different kinds of ingredients are required for this puja – whereby it serves to offer to specific deities, and seek their protection for different kinds of obstacles. By participating in this puja, one gains the protection from dangers of fire, water, weapons, poisons, malediction, untoward accidents and untimely death. It also pacifies the chances of epidemics, harmful spells, contagious diseases, conflicts and wars. In addition, we also receive the benefit and protective care of a myriad of divine guardians and goddesses.


The White Umbrella Goddess is an intrepid and fearless deity. Through her practice, one can prevent the influence of any evil magic or spirits, as well as the attack or harassment of the formless, and help increase fortune, wisdom and longevity.

Interested participants, kindly bring along a worn and unwashed shirt to participate in this puja. These old shirts will be disposed off as part of process of the puja, symbolizing eradication of our negativities, bad energy and all obstacles. Please also bring some coins and half-eaten biscuits for the puja. There are specific offerings for participation of this puja, please kindly invite it at a suggested offering of $10 per set at the puja event.




7月31日 (星期五)下午3点半至5点


此除魔难大法会是藉由大白伞盖佛母的法门所修持的。这是在众多藏传佛教仪式中最强而有力的法会仪式。法会过程的其中一个步奏便是供养朵玛(形状类似糕点的贡品),供养朵玛能够帮助我们对治病症、烦恼障、人与人之间的争执与不合、仇怨、不幸的夭折、周围的违缘迫害,对治着共84,000种的恶习气。 因此,此法会在藏语被命名「度嘎通透」,译为:透由供养朵玛来对治种种障碍。 


透由修持此大法会, 我们将获得大白伞盖佛母及围绕着的本尊之巨大加持力,驱除一切邪恶与损害(中间将摆放大朵玛,代表着主尊代表佛母;周围插有33支白旗,代表着其余本尊)。此法会需要30 余种指定的供品献给不同本尊,以求去除不同的障碍。参加此大法会,我们将可获得保护免受水、火、枪、毒药及毒咒之灾,并可避意外之灾及非时之死。它可平息绛头,瘟疫,传染病,以及争讼、战争的干扰。参加法会者也将同时获得无数勇父、勇母及天神之庇护。 




注:  请欲参加法会者把自己穿过未洗的衣服带来前来参加;喇嘛们将在法会过程中弃毁旧衣,代我们消除障碍,净化恶运。也请携带一些铜钱和吃剩的饼干。(现场将会供应饼干给参加法会者)。欲获得法会的圆满加持力,必须亲临现场亲自进行法会。此法会有需要的特殊材料,请在大法会现场请购(每份材料之供养金10元)。注:请携带您的护轮前来参加法会,再次接受加持。


Powerful Tara Subduing King-of-Demon Grand Puja

Pacify major obstacles, demonic forces & supernatural harassment

01/08/15 (Sat), 10.30am to 12.30pm


During the dharma degenerating times, where the occurrence of diseases, supernatural harassments, natural disasters, and terrorism begins increasingly commonplace, the Green Tara practice is most beneficial for all sentient beings. The Green Tara practice is very effective, it can help avoid and avert calamities and overcome big obstacles, and is known to be one of the most beneficial practice during this dharma degenerating time. 


This is an extremely powerful puja amongst all Tibetan Buddhist rituals, with swift efficacy to drive away supernatural harassments and destroy black magic spells. The puja offerings are aplenty, including a huge majestic palace made for the King, together with servants, foods, swift horse, jewelllery and other special ritual offerings – and together with the sacred blessings of the ritual, it would effectively help to pacify all negative conditions and obstacles immediately.


This puja also enables one to make offerings to repay our karmic debts to our past lives’ karmic debtors. Obstacles caused by demonic forces and evil spirits are subdued immediately when this puja is performed. Black magic and evil spells are swiftly destroyed, and peace is restored immediately. It is most encouraged that patients who have been ill for a long time, including those who are in perpetual bad luck or failed business should join in this puja.


Note: There are specific items required for participation of this puja, please kindly invite it at an offering of $10 per set at the puja event. You are also required to bring old worn shirt, some coins and half-eaten biscuit to participate effectively. Biscuits will be provided at puja site. Thank you.






在佛经中记载,在末法时期,各种天灾人祸,病魔,非人干扰等障碍都显现眼前,而修习绿度母是最殊胜且能让众生获益最大的法门,能够有效的对治这些违缘障碍。 此法会在众多藏传佛教的除障法当中,是属于非常具有威力的。此法会可以迅速驱走非人干扰,并破除魔障与恶咒。这样具有强大威力的法会就必需要此等难得的材料,让修法获得最大的效应。






注:  请欲参加法会者把自己穿过未洗的衣服带来前来参加;喇嘛们将在法会过程中弃毁旧衣,代我们消除障碍,净化恶运。也请携带一些铜钱和吃剩的饼干。现场将会供应饼干给参加法会者。此法会需要特殊材料,请在大法会现场请购(每份材料之供养金10元)。


Grand Offering Puja to the Queen of Hungry Ghosts

Specially to repay heavy karmic debts and overcome obstacles caused by karmic creditors

02/10/15 (Sat) 3:00pm to 5.00pm


Among all other puja rituals, this puja is specifically performed to clear obstacles in a most effective and efficient way.  This is a cross-thread ritual based on the teachings and mantra conferred by Buddha Shakyamuni Himself.


During Buddha’s time, many negative forces which harmed sentient beings prevailed. Even though all fruition we face in this life is attributable to our own karma (accumulated from previous lifetimes), negative forces are inevitably catalysts which will bring about obstacles for us more quickly. In order to subdue them, Buddha prescribed the mantra and procedures of this ritual. This ritual helps to disassociate us from negativity such as misfortunes, epidemic diseases, bad omens, victimizations, misguidance as well as mental and physical disturbances.


Note: There are specific items required for participation of this puja, please kindly invite it at an offering of $2 per set at the puja event. Thank you.



10月2日 (星期六)下午3点至4点






注: 此法会需要特殊材料,请在大法会现场请购(每份材料之供养金2元)。


Four-Arm Kuan Yin Chenrezig Blessing Jenang Initiation

02/10/15 (Sat) 7:30pm to 9.30pm


Chenrezig (Kuan Yin) is known as “Bodhisattva of Great Compassion” because she is the embodiment of compassion of all infinite Buddhas. The heart mantra of Chenrezig is “Om Mani Padme Hung”. The six syllables represent the ability to be liberated from the ignorance, delusions and sufferings from the six realms, allowing all sentient beings to attain the ultimate Buddhahood.


The scriptures record: The benefits and merits of the six syllable mantra is inconceivable, chanting it can alleviate and destroy sufferings of illnesses, punishment, fear of untimely death, increase one’s lifespan, as well as invite wealth and fortune. The benefits are so aplenty that even at the time of death, doors to rebirth of the lower realms will be closed, and one will be able to gain a rebirth in the human or god realm. It is not only the source of all happiness, it is also the foundation of reaching the destination to the path of liberation, of opening up wisdom, of realizing great bodhicitta, as well as saving and benefiting all sentient beings of the six realms. Chanting the mantra is so meritorious, it purifies our negative karma accumulated from beginningless time, it also helps destroy our afflictive emotions and delusion – helping us attain Enlightenment swiftly.



01/08/15 (星期六), 傍晚 7:30pm to 9:30pm






Namtose Great Wealth-Congregating & Fortune Blessing Grand Puja

Please bring along your wealth vases, fortune wands, tri-blessings home amulet for recharge of blessings.

02/08/15 (Sun) 10:30am to 12:30pm


In Buddhism, fortune and wealth refers to ‘merit’ – because everything good that we possess is established from merit. Every form of success, every piece of happiness, every kind of enjoyment can only be materialized should there be enough merit to support it. To have merit means to have wealth and assets; if there is no or insufficient merit, then one encounters many negative conditions and obstacles. Even in the Buddhist path, you also need to practise and fulfill both merit accumulation as well as karma purification to be able to attain Bodhicitta.


Namtose, also known as Vaisravana, is a famous protector and wealth deity of Esoteric Buddhism. Namtose is one of them The Four Great Kings who have promised Buddha Shakyamuni to preserve and protect the teachings of Buddha. They are regarded as authentic Dharma Protectors since the time of Lord Buddha.


Even though he has achieved supreme Enlightenment since infinite aeons before, he manifested himself as a Bodhisattva with the aim of helping others overcome poverty and misery. For centuries, great Buddhist practitioners and yogis relied on his practice for wealth, protection and cultivation of the path. Practitioners should generate the altruistic intention of compassion (Bodhicitta), and practice generosity. This practice can remove poverty within the six realms, and increase one’s merits, wisdom, health and lifespan. All their material and spiritual needs will be met.


The Namtose wealth grand puja summons immense positive wealth energies upon the puja participants, and is a very effective method to invoke positive wealth energy of the universe and its inhabitants. Though getting rich is a result of one’s past actions, participating in such wealth-congregating pujas play a significant role in its own way to change the course of one’s financial situation. With a sincere motivation to accumulate merit, purify our negative karma, as well as make prayers for all sentient beings to be freed from all poverty and all sufferings, without doubt – one will certainly receive the vast blessings and protection of Namtose.


Note: Interested participants, please feel welcome to bring along your wealth vases, fortune wands and amulets for recharge of wealth blessings and energies during the puja. Interested participants can invite the Namtose Wealth Incense.



8月2日 (星期天)上午10点半至12点半




在藏传佛教当中,财宝天王之法门是极具威力并且有庇护及增长福德与财富等众多殊胜的法门。多闻天王是佛教四大天王之一,又称毗沙门天,是北方的保护神,又兼司财之职,意为施财天,是掌管财宝富贵、护持佛法的护法。依经典所记,在释迦牟尼佛住世之时,天王在佛前立下誓愿,愿护持佛法,并给予众生财富之资量,令其成就世间法。故以其外相虽显财宝天王之貌,但实质上 仍是佛陀之所化现。


透由修持此圆满财富大法会,可招聚周围一切的财运力量,并加持法会参与者及周遭的有情众生。虽然今生财富的感招是前世所造善业及现今努力的果报,但如果能参与此法会并虔诚祈求本尊加持,对于往后甚至来生的受用上都会有极大的帮助。以虔诚的心,来累积智慧与福德资粮,并清净无始以来的贪欲等业障,同时也为众生的利益故作祈请,发菩提心望众生远离贫穷之苦,究竟成佛 – 以此发心来共修法会,心中就没有疑虑,欢喜的如法修行,便定获得本尊的无边加持力。


凡曾受财宝天王法灌頂者,若于本尊面前祈求,并精勤持誦其咒語, 常行慈悲布施善行利樂一切眾生,藉由本尊财宝天王之大力加持, 可事业順利,鸿图大展,求财满愿,快速相应。  


注:  欲参加法会者,欢迎您将宝瓶、招财棒、阖家护轮等带至法会现场再次接受加持。有兴趣者,也可在大法会现场订购《金光明经》所出的财宝天王神香。


Medicine Buddha Immaculate Grand Thousand Offerings Healing Puja

A most extensive 10,000 grand elaborate offerings to Medicine Buddha(s). For great purification and vast merit accumulation for healing and good health. For ideal efficacy of the puja, kindly be vegetarian to participate in this puja.

2/8/15 (Sun) 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Medicine Buddha Grand Healing Blessing Initiation

2/8/15 (Sun) 7:30pm to 9:30pm


Tibetan Buddhists consider the Medicine Buddha Empowerment to be the most powerful blessing for healing, dispelling sickness and for awakening the innate healing wisdom that lies within every individual.  The practice of the Medicine Buddha, and all the other ways of connecting to the blessings of the Medicine Buddha are said to be much more effective when one has received the Medicine Buddha Initiation from a qualified lama.


One day during Buddha’s time, through his compassion, Manjushri realized that in the future the Buddhadharma would degenerate, and the beings of this world would find it very difficult to practise pure Dharma and gain pure realizations. He understood that it would be very difficult for those beings to control their minds, and so they would naturally engage in negative actions such as killing, stealing, and holding wrong views. As a result they would experience horrific illnesses and unbearable mental pain. The world would be full of problems, dangers, and adversity. And this is the time how the Medicine Buddha practice would be very beneficial for us.


Medicine Buddha is an enlightened being who has unbiased compassion for all living beings. He protects living beings from physical and mental sickness and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three poisons – attachment, hatred, and ignorance – which are the source of all sickness and danger. He is a Buddha Doctor. 


The practice of Medicine Buddha is a very powerful method for healing ourself and others, and for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, one will eventually attain enlightenment, but in the meantime one will experience an increase in healing powers both for oneself and others, and a decrease in physical and mental illness and suffering. If we rely upon Medicine Buddha with pure faith, we will be freed from rebirths in the 3 lower realms, and shall definitely receive the blessings of these attainments.


Such an elaborate offering is akin to the grand feast of a King or Emperor. This is the best feast one can offer. Due to the extensiveness of the offerings, the merit accumulated is vast too. With pure sincerity of wishing to offer the best and most superior offerings to Medicine Buddha, we encourage everyone to participate in this great thousand offerings grand puja. Although each of us contributes one set of offering, we shall all share the inconceivable great merit of offering 1,000 sets.



This Medicine Buddha Ten Thousand Grand Offerings Puja is not only very helpful to all of us, it is also extremely beneficial for the deceased. By helping to make offerings on behalf of the deceased members, and dedicating the merits to them, it will help them for a smoother next rebirth, and most importantly, we pray that through this great offering, it plants a seed for them to be able to come into contact with the pure dharma in their future lives. May they achieve a precious human rebirth.


Note: Please kindly register to join in the 1,000 grand offerings to Medicine Buddha at $38 per set. After the grand offering puja is completed, blessed water (350ml), rice, candle, incense and huat cake can be redeemed for one to bring home.





 8月2日 (星期天)下午3点至中午5点



8月2日 (星期天)傍晚7点半至9点半






以药师佛的表相而言,是为了救济一切众生的病苦,实际上则是为了断除一切痛苦的根源─无明。借由种种的善巧方便渡化有情众生,脱离生死轮回苦海,所以被尊称为「大医王佛」。向药师 佛祈请,威力强大,感应迅速,不限于疗愈,也能够净化生者( 和亡者)的业障。药师佛乘愿而来渡化众生就是为了要消除众生的烦恼及病痛;借由持诵药师佛的咒语和念诵药师佛本愿经,再加上虔诚礼拜供养,不但可消灾延寿,往生后不堕三恶趣,也可解除一切痛苦之因,成办一切现今及究竟的安乐。









注:  欲参加千供者,欢迎您报名参加,$38元全套供品,在世和往生者必须分开报名(请参阅付上的报名表格)。待法会圆满后,功德主可将加持过的供品领回家当中包括:加持水一瓶,米,灯,香,及蛋糕。