Dedicate Your Merits


 Merit is the basis of happiness and success in our lives. The size of merit generated is dependent on a few factors:

1. Motivation of sponsor

Please make your offering with the mind motivated by Bodhicitta, or great compassion, for the benefit of all beings. When you think only for oneself or only for this lifetime, the merit generated is limited. When you are motivated by the benefit for all beings, and is concerned for your future lives, the merit generated is inconceivable.

2. The importance of the deed

The deed that you are sponsoring to is for the noblest deed – preservation of the pure holy Buddha’s teachings through the dharma activities in Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling. Your sponsorship will also include meal offerings and basic amenities to the monks, as well as all the dharma propagation events in GSDPL. These auspicious activities are very important to ensure that the good quality of dharma remains, and is preserved for future generations. Your sponsorship will help bring about great benefit to dharma in both the short and long run.

3. Rejoice!

Be truly happy and rejoice in the kindness and generosity of oneself and many others. Be happy and contented that you have the means and ability to sponsor to the Three Jewels and bring benefit to the community. Rejoicing is the swiftest and easiest method to gain great merit!

4. Dedication

Most importantly, after completion of your good virtuous deed, please remember to preserve all your merits by dedicating them towards achieving bodhicitta, and accomplishing the ultimate state of Buddhahood.