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GSDPL Wisdom serves as GSDPL’s YouTube channel, dedicated to offering enriching learning materials to enhance both our spiritual and secular pursuits in daily life. Throughout the years, GSDPL has had the honour of hosting numerous esteemed Teachers at our Buddhist Centre. We are delighted to share this invaluable archive of teachings on YouTube. Dive into a diverse array of topics ranging from traditional texts and dharma practices to modern-day secular ethics on our channel!

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By His Holiness 104th Gaden Tri Rinpoche
By His Eminence Sharpa Choeje Rinpoche
By His Eminence Dagyab Kyabgon Rinpoche
By His Eminence Zong Chogtul Rinpoche
By His Eminence Gyuto Khensur Rinpoche Thupten Tenzin
By Khari Khentrul Rinpoche
By Yulting Tulku Rinpoche
By Geshe Lharampa Jampa Choeden
By Geshe Lharampa Lobsang Chophel
By Geshe Lharampa Thupten Samten

Daily Prostrations to 35 Confessional Buddhas

This recording is designed to assist you during your daily prostrations to the 35 Confessional Buddhas. Please perform a prostration after the name of each Buddha is recited and the bell is rung. This practice is profoundly effective for purifying negative karma.

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