35 Confessional Buddhas Purification Puja

The practice of the 35 Confessional Buddhas is a potent purification method. Each of the 35 Buddhas is specifically associated with purifying certain negative karmas that we are prone to committing. By reciting their names with faith, we can swiftly purify even the most severe negative actions through the power of their blessings and prayers.

Throughout our lives, we have accumulated various forms of negative karma due to our deluded minds and transgressions of vows. This karma can hinder our faith and conviction in the Dharma and may lead to unfortunate rebirths in the future. Purification is essential as it eliminates negative karmic imprints, preventing the fruition of suffering-causing actions. It purifies our mindstream, facilitating a deeper understanding and practice of the Dharma teachings.

In alignment with this puja, we are encouraged to observe a vegetarian diet to enhance the blessings. However, all are welcome to participate in the puja, regardless of dietary choices.

Registration is now closed. Thank you for your interest. You may participate in the puja physically at the centre. 

To join in the puja, you may like to download The Mahayana Sutra of the Three Heaps - Bodhisattvas Confession of Downfalls for your reading: https://bit.ly/35Buddhas-MahayanaSutra. You can also find the images of the 35 Buddhas in this link. Enjoy!