Teaching: Step-by-Step Bodhichitta Meditation with Geshe Thupten Samten


To bring you convenience on work-days, we will bring classes online via Zoom on Wednesdays. Saturday classes will continue to remain physical in GSDPL. Kindly note classes will be delivered in English translation only.

Wednesday online classes:
Copy Zoom link here - https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86989582046 | Meeting ID: 869 8958 2046 (to repeat this link for next work-day online class too)

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Teaching: Bodhicitta Meditation Step-by-Step, with Resident Teacher Geshe Thupten Samten

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Do note dear Geshe-la does not seek any offering from students. In fact Geshe-la offers all the offerings he receives from teachings to Gaden Shartse Monastery. From GSDPL's perspective, we are facilitating collection as we students would like to make offering to request and thank Geshe-la for his great patience and kindness in giving us these precious teachings.