Airport Welcome Reception: Arrival of Khari Rinpoche

Venerable Khari Khentul Rinpoche Tenzin Lobsang Chogyal

Arrival Details
Dear Khari Rinpoche arrives on 16th July, Tuesday at 7pm via SQ509. All well-wishers are welcome at the airport!

Ven. Khari Khentul Rinpoche is one of our outstanding young Tulkus from Gaden Shartse Monastery. We are very honoured to host dear Khari Rinpoche in Singapore for one month. Rinpoche will teach eight sessions of ‘How Should We Begin Our Daily Prayers’ which will include teachings on generating the Refuge mind, as well as Bodhicitta mind. We welcome all friends to register for the teachings, admission is free. Open to public, all are welcome! Dear Khari Rinpoche's first visit to Singapore, and first visit out of India was last year during the CNY period, where Rinpoche gave the teaching on Wheel of Sharp Weapons. This visit will mark Rinpoche’s 2nd turning of the dharma wheel in Singapore.

More about Khari Rinpoche:
Dear Khari Khentul Rinpoche was born in 1983 in Lhadak, India and joined Gaden Shartse Monastery when he was 3 years old. Rinpoche’s main teacher was the late H.H. Lati Dorje Chang, from whom he received both the Sutra and Tantra teachings. In 2018, Khari Rinpoche graduated and received the Geshe Lharamapa degree in 2018, and continued his Tantra studies in Gyuto Monastery in 2019. Khari Rinpoche is one of the most brilliant young minds in the monastery who is experienced and knowledgeable in both Buddhist philosophy as well as ritual pujas. Rinpoche is an exceptional Buddhist scholar, and very skilled in pujas too - Rinpoche has 15 years of teaching experience in the monasteries (12 years in Gaden Shartse, and 3 years in Gyuto). Dear Khari Rinpoche is also the current Geshe Chenmo of Gaden Shartse – the great Geshe who leads the rituals in the monastery. Rinpoche was elected to this role by the noble community of Gaden Shartse Monastery, evident of how much the community looks up to him for his ritual prowess and skill.