Dorje Namjom Cleansing Puja 摧破金刚沐浴法会

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Dorje Namjom (Vajravidaran) Cleansing Healing Puja 摧破金刚沐浴治愈法会

29th June, Sat 7.30pm to 9pm (Singapore)

**Registration closing deadline: 29th Jun, Sat 6pm. Offering as you wish.

You should get an auto email response immediately upon submission. If you do not receive anything within one hour, pls write to offerings@drophenling.com to check if your registration has been received. Thanks!

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Puja Registration 报名参加法会

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Other Offerings 其他供养

Qty - Key a number in the field. $6 offering per butter lamp - Leave blank if not applicable.
Qty - Key a number in the field. $5 offering per flower bowl - Leave blank if not applicable.
Pls indicate your arrangement for your offerings above. I would like: 以上供品请标示如何安排
We have 2 more monks arriving in Singapore this week. Any amount as you wish (SGD) 随缘供养
Balance project target $8,700 (as of 17th June) - You may contribute any amount as you wish. 随缘 (SGD)
Any amount as you wish. 随缘 (SGD)

Registration to attend Puja. Kindly indicate your attendance 报名本人参加法会

Kindly register / indicate your participation, thank you! 请打勾表示

Merit Dedication 功德回向

We rejoice in all of your participation & merit-making! Kindly do your merit dedication prayers for this virtuous deed of offering. Do dedicate again at the completion of the puja, rejoice! 随喜大家的参与及供养!请在做善事善行后记得回向。法会圆满之后也再次回向,随喜!