Qing Ming Special: Medicine Buddha Jangwa Puja For Deceased 清明节:药师佛净罪超度法会

The Medicine Buddha Purification Puja for the Deceased (Jang Wa) is a ritual prayer conducted specifically to benefit those who have passed away by purifying negativity and supporting their transition to a good and better rebirth. Living beings can participate in this puja to support their late family and friends, regardless of how recently or long ago they passed away.

The Jang Wa Puja harnesses the power of mantra, representing the Buddha's holy speech, as well as the concentrated meditation of the monks leading the ritual. Even for individuals transitioning through the intermediate state towards lower realms of rebirth, this puja can redirect their path towards a more favorable reincarnation. By purifying the negative actions of the deceased, the Jang Wa Puja aims to guide their consciousness towards a better rebirth.

** As there is quite a lot of work for the puja, we request that you submit in your registrations as soon as possible so the monks can prepare adequately. Apart from our deceased loved ones, we can also pray & dedicate towards our karmic creditors.

Thank you for your interest. Puja registration is now closed. You may participate in the puja physically at GSDPL.