Teaching by Khari Rinpoche: How Should We Begin Our Daily Prayers?

Ven. Khari Khentul Rinpoche is one of our outstanding young Tulkus from Gaden Shartse Monastery. Rinpoche was one of the top Geshe Lharampas of his cohort, and is also the youngest Geshe Chenmo (Lead Geshe of Pujas) elected by the Sangha community in Gaden Shartse Monastery. We are very honoured to host dear Khari Rinpoche in Singapore for one month. Rinpoche will teach eight sessions of ‘How Should We Begin Our Daily Prayers’ which will include teachings on generating the Refuge mind, as well as Bodhicitta mind. Daily prayers provide a dedicated time to connect with divine blessings. Knowing how to begin our daily prayers is not just about following a prescribed format but about cultivating a mindset that enhances our spiritual connection and deepens our relationship with the divine and our inner selves. It allows us to focus our mind and heart on our spiritual connection, and sets the stage for a meaningful and transformative spiritual experience.

OPEN TO PUBLIC, ALL ARE WELCOME. ADMISSION IS FREE. Welcome to attend even if you did not register (registration is not compulsory. It is to faciliate those who prefers to do online offerings). All 8 sessions are held physically in GSDPL, except Wed, 24th July will be held via online Zoom. Do note only English translation is available. 此开示将只有英文翻译。感恩谅解!Kindly note classes will be delivered in English translation only.

Wednesday 24th July online class:
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Teaching: How Should We Begin our Daily Prayers, by Ven. Khari Khentul Rinpoche

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All 8 sessions are held physically in GSDPL, except 24th July will be held via online Zoom. Do note only English translation is available. 此开示将只有英文翻译。感恩谅解!

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