Vesak Day 2024 卫塞节传统法会

This year Vesak Day & Saka Dawa (Tibetan Vesak) falls one after the other on 22nd and 23rd May. Hence the puja registration form for these two auspicious dates are being organised together for ease of participation. Feel free to register and make offerings wherever you rejoice. Merits accumulated on these days are multiplied by 100 million times! We encourage everyone to make merit and engage in virtuous practice. 今年的卫塞节和萨卡达瓦(藏语卫塞节)相继在5月22日和5月23日举行。 因此,这两个吉日的法会报名表就放在一起,以方便参与。 欢迎大家随喜参加,供佛供僧。我们非常鼓励大家积德行善,因为这吉祥天里所积累的功德都是增长亿倍的!

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Vesak Special 2024 卫塞节法会
Obeisance & Ritual Offerings to Buddha Shakyamuni & 16 Arhats

22nd May, Wed 7pm to 8:30pm (Singapore)

**Registration closing deadline: 22nd May, Wed 6pm. Offering as you wish.

You should get an auto email response immediately upon submission. If you do not receive anything within one hour, pls write to offerings@drophenling.com to check if your registration has been received. Thanks!

I consent for GSDPL to receive my name & contact details.

Vesak & Saka Dawa - Puja Registration

Please take note puja starts at 7pm on both days!

Any amount as you wish (SGD). 22nd May, Vesak (Wed) 7pm to 8.30pm

Any amount as you wish (SGD). 23rd May, Saka Dawa (Thurs) 7pm to 8.30pm

Prayer dedications for both Vesak Day & Saka Dawa 2024
Prayer dedications for Saka Dawa 2024 (Goddess Namgyalma Purification Puja)

Vesak & Saka Dawa Offerings 节日特别供养

For your choice to celebrate the two occasions: VESAK & SAKA DAWA

Qty - Key a number in the field. $68 offering per family (5 names)
'PEACE Fire Puja' Vesak Butter Lamp
Indicate which day to offer your PEACE Fire Puja (white) butter lamp 请备注在哪日供养您的【息】酥油灯

Qty - Key a number in the field. $68 offering per family (5 names)
'INCREASE Fire Puja' Vesak Butter Lamp
Indicate which day to offer your INCREASE Fire Puja (yellow) butter lamp 请备注在哪日供养您的【增】酥油灯

Flower offering @ $30 per bundle of 17 stalks to offer to Buddha Shakyamuni & 16 Arhats OR individual flowers at $2 offering per stalk
Vesak Day only - Qty: Key in number of bundles. Offering of $30 per bundle (17 stalks) to Buddha Shakyamuni and 16 Arhats
Vesak Day only - Qty: Key in the number of stalks you wish to offer. Offering of $2 per stalk.

On Saka Dawa only - Qty: Key in the number of stalks you wish to offer to Goddess Namgyalma. Offering of $2 per stalk.

To be redeemed on Vesak Day Puja 22nd May (Wed, public hol) 7pm to 8.30pm - redeem after puja completion. Thank you!

Please input qty of sets required. $68 per set of Wealth Nectar Pills
Pls indicate when you shall be collecting your Wealth Nectar Pills:
Leave blank if not applicable. If you can't collect on Vesak / Saka Dawa, kindly share your preferred date, time to collect - thank you!

Wealth Nectar Pills (Yangtse Ribur) $68 per set
- Made from 25 ingredients each representing a different type of wealth and fortune
- Blessed and consecrated by prayers in Gaden Shartse Monastery according to Namthose ritual text
- Comes in a wealth pot together with 38 pcs of wealth nectar pills
- Sponsor may place this at a clean place at home, together with wealth vase or together with Buddha statues on the altar
- One may also put this in the car or at the office to draw wealth and fortune energies
- The blessing properties are similar to the wealth vase, but these wealth pills do not need to be hidden away from sight
- Note: Wealth nectar pills are NOT to be eaten

Sangha Offerings 供僧

Any amount as you wish (SGD) 随缘供养
Any amount as you wish. 随缘. Project target: $5,200

Any amount as you wish. 随缘 (SGD)

Merit Dedication 功德回向

We rejoice in all of your participation & merit-making! Kindly do your merit dedication prayers for this virtuous deed of offering. Do dedicate again at the completion of the puja, rejoice! 随喜大家的参与及供养!请在做善事善行后记得回向。法会圆满之后也再次回向,随喜!