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  • Grand Puja

  • 大法会

What‘s the Grand Puja about?

Since 2002, we've been organizing Grand Pujas in the wish to benefit beings, holding the event two to three times a year. Admission to Grand Puja is free, our doors are open to welcome friends from all walks of life, all who are keen to learn and experience the blessings of Buddha dharma. We aim to be a bridge to bring the most qualified and authentic teachers in the Gelug tradition to our members and friends, so we may receive pure and correct guidance necessary for our spiritual growth.

We have had the great honour to have hosted H.H. 101st, 104th Gaden Tri Rinpoche, H.E. Sharpa Choeje Rinpoche, H.E. Dagyab Kyabgon Rinpoche, H.E. Dagyab Tokden Rinpoche, H.E. Yongzin Ling Rinpoche, H.E. Zong Chogtul Rinpoche, H.E. Gyuto Khensur Thupten Tenzin Rinpoche in GSDPL. The teachers have most kindly bestowed various precious initiations and empowerments to benefit us in profound ways. They also bless us consistently with dharma teachings which guide us in becoming better human beings over the years.

For more than 20 years, these Grand Pujas have helped countless. They've cleared obstacles, pacified formless hindrances, helped to recover from spirit harm and black magic, healed mysterious ailments, and restored favorable conditions for life and practice. In GSDPL, we do not advocate miracles, we rely on prayers to ripen our latent merit and good karma in our lives, so we may overcome obstacles through the blessings. 

Grand Puja Benefits

Each Grand Puja lasts three days, following a traditional sequence as advised by our late Founder, H.H. Kyabje Lati Dorje Chang, who used to be Spiritual Advisor to His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama.

Grand Puja day one starts by clearing obstacles, then on to purification and healing, and finally on day three it focuses on creating and increasing positive conditions for success. These Grand Pujas are blessed by Teachers, and conducted by over 20 Sangha Entourage from Gaden Shartse Monastery who specialises in ritual pujas.

Clearing Obstacles

Formless disturbances are more common than we think. Typical symptoms include sudden insomnia, interrupted sleep – waking up for no reason, and recurring disturbing nightmares. These obstacles cause one to be unable to rest properly, and may cause disruptions in work and life. The skilful obstacle-clearing pujas will help pacify such challenges very quickly, especially if they are a fresh problem.

Purification & Healing

We all accumulate negative karma through non-virtuous deeds of our body, speech and mind. When negative karma accumulates and ripens, various obstacles arise to hinder us from peace and happiness. Healing Pujas help bestow healing blessing by engaging in purification. Purification is the ultimate root to removing obstacles and achieve healing through our own practice. 

Increase Positive Conditions

It is important to acknowledge that helping others often requires resources like time, energy, or money. That's why Buddha has passed down skillful methods and pujas to enhance positive conditions for our work and spiritual practice. The key focus is on cultivating a genuine and positive motivation to help benefit others. By doing so, we will create a smoother path for both our worldly endeavours and dharma practice too.

Grand Puja Event

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Grand Puja Buzz

Thank you so much for all your HEART work I could feel the passion in all the volunteers! I am so grateful for the chance to participate! Rejoice!


It's an unusual event for me. Too much details and if told sound like fairy tales.. All the physical pain and discomfort were gone. The illness I have bodily looks like not there anymore. Like some…...I slept soundly which did not happened for a long time. The dizziness which I felt for long time is gone. And many more if listed will be vv long.

I enjoyed the obstacles clearing processes. The white lamb, the Mandala offerings etc. I deeply thank Zong Rinpoche for his unfailing compassion and effort. And many many thanks to the rituals lamas, there are vv amazing. No words but sincere appreciation for untiring support and mesmerised all of us with their rituals performances.

Last but not least GSDPL for consistent effort to bring happiness to All Beings. A word to MC, I enjoy hearing your sharing and your voice. Truly a Dakini…...thank you. Look fwd to next round. Made many friends on the Path...

Lian Choekyi

Thank you all always for organizing such fantastic Grand Puja to benefit us and many people. This 2023 Sept Grand Puja really is awesomest!! I feel so fortunate that I can benefit from each and every session... each session is so unique and elaborate.. really feel indebted to Rinpoche and all his Geshes for their prowess, devotion and bravery to help us through this difficult period. And of cos we are indebted to the dedicated team too!!


Thank you all for everything! Im sure everyone could feel the fiery passion and dedication the team put forth into holding such a magnificent dharma gathering! Please do remember to give yourselves a well-deserved break afterwards!

Alex XT

It was really nice to be at MBS for the Grand Puja. This was my first in-person puja attendance and it was an amazing experience.


Thanks v much again to GSDPL team for another amazing Grand Puja experience! I'm so glad me and my family made it for all 3 days!


Singaporeans are so blessed. They have such a great centre like GSDPL to organize such grand events. This is the first time i participated in Gelug tradition Grand Puja. I treasured this puja so so much that I treasure every minute. While we were on the plane to Singapore, we were browsing Facebook and we were so touched by all the Geshes and Lamas hard work. We are so fortunate that we are able to attend this event personally this time as most of the times, we could only watch through live webcast.