Receiving dharma teachings is the basis of all practice
The merit and benefit of attending teachings

The systematic approach to practicing the Dharma is to first receive and listen to teachings; secondly, to contemplate over the teachings, and finally – practice by integrating the essence of the teachings into our daily lives. If we are able to cultivate such a practice accordingly, we will hence be able to lessen our non-virtuous actions, purify our minds, and achieve bliss of the body and mind.

According to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, when we receive the oral transmission of teachings from the Master, we also receive the blessings which can be traced back from an unbroken lineage during Lord Buddha’s time. This blessings received is extremely beneficial for one to gain insight and wisdom; and thereafter, any reading, practise and meditation would also be more effective and helpful for oneself. Just merely listening to the teachings plants a seed of dharma in our mental continuum, and all these blessings help us tremendously in our path towards attainments.

Receiving dharma teachings helps us to understand the essence of Buddha’s teachings, hence we need to ensure we receive the unmistaken dharma, undergo the unmistaken experience, engage in the unmistaken practices, and thus can we achieve the unmistaken attainments. Hence, reliance on a fully-qualified teacher who can unmistakenly guide us is extremely important.