Yangtse Ribur Wealth Nectar Pills

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Yangtse Ribur Wealth Nectar Pills 招财甘露丸(聚财盆)

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Please input qty of sets required. $68 per set of Wealth Nectar Pills

Wealth Nectar Pills (Yangtse Ribur) $68 per set
- Made from 25 ingredients each representing a different type of wealth and fortune
- Blessed and consecrated by prayers in Gaden Shartse Monastery according to Namthose ritual text
- Comes in a wealth pot together with 38 pcs of wealth nectar pills
- Sponsor may place this at a clean place at home, together with wealth vase or together with Buddha statues on the altar
- One may also put this in the car or at the office to draw wealth and fortune energies
- The blessing properties are similar to the wealth vase, but these wealth pills do not need to be hidden away from sight
- Note: Wealth nectar pills are NOT to be eaten

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